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DEXIO was founded as a resource to organizational leaders looking to cut through all the slick sales tactics for leadership development gimmicks and to gain access to rich content with valuable tools that actually deliver tangible results.

For any individual or team who is striving to further develop their leadership qualities and the non-technical skills essential to strong organizations, DEXIO’s dedicated team ensures a continuous stream of only the best in professional development and personal growth material.

DEXIO actively supports organizations that are committed to personal and professional development.

Welcome to Edmonton's Premiere Leadership Organization

Leaders Developing Leaders

Since 2012, DEXIO has established itself as the premiere leadership organization for organizational leaders of today, and the rising leaders of tomorrow. From the regular monthly Focus Seminars which devote 3 hours to dig deep on a specific topic, to the Annual Conference featuring presenters from around the world for an entire day of learning, or the Forum Groups  and Community Initiatives which are intentionally designed to foster leadership in a peer to peer environment, DEXIO has a proven track record of creating a community of leaders developing leaders in a friendly and collaborative setting.

While general members of the public will always be welcomed at DEXIO events, there are significant savings and benefits to becoming a member through our STAR program. Leadership and Excellence are habits that are honed and strengthened over a period of time, and DEXIO has worked hard to create a safe and fun environment to learn and grow.

Come join us!