Annual STAR Membership




The DEXIO Standing Ticket Advanced Registration (STAR) Program is a membership program designed to recognize those who commit to the journey of excellence and life-long learning. In addition to annual savings of several hundred dollars, STAR members receive a number of additional benefits, at no cost, throughout the year.

The STAR program is simply a way to pre-register for DEXIO events without having to take the time every month to login to purchase your ticket. Intended to assist in streamlining the event registration process, and reduce last minute ticket purchases, STAR membership is an easy and convenient way to ensure you never miss a DEXIO event.

STAR Member Highlights:

  • No Hassle (automatic) registration for every regular DEXIO event
  • FREE first time guests to EVERY DEXIO event
  • Monthly* membership or Annual membership option
  • Great Networking Opportunities with local business leaders
  • Reserved seating for you and guests at major events
  • ‘Green Room Access’ at DEXIO conferences
  • Annual ‘Special Perks’ specific to STAR members
  • Annual savings of approximately $400 for annual members

 We encourage you to join in on this amazing program intentionally designed to assist you in your pursuit of excellence, and in living your life of purpose!

*The Monthly STAR membership is currently only available by emailing us at


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