Focus Seminars

While our Conferences cover a variety of topics by thought leaders from around the world, our Focus Seminars are intentionally designed to Focus on a specific topic each month.

Content rich, our presenters have all been screened to ensure you get great value for your investment. The friendly, networking environment encourages discussion and interaction as part of the learning experience.

These 3 hour events are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month with the exceptions of July, August and December.

Jan 2017 - Developing Business In Today's Economy

Let’s face it….we are all in sales and we know that sales success isn’t always easy, but it can be effective if you follow a system and believe in the process and yourself.

In this interactive session, Mike Mack of X5 Management will discuss the challenges and opportunities of prospecting and generating new business in a challenging economy.

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Feb 2017 - The Value of Fun at Work

According to recent research, FUN AT WORK is an essential element for the overall wellness of our body, mind and soul.

Join Robert Manolson, Creator & Facilitator Powerful Play Experiences for a fun and highly engaging workshop that challenges us as today's business leaders.

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April 2017 - Building Sales In A Volatile Market

When times are good many businesses prosper as the economy floats all boats. It is in the difficult times that organizations discover that they need to build the skills and processes to support growth in the good times and the bad.

Chad Banman, President of Sandler Sales Centre, will share the 4 pillars that all organizations require for sustainable growth. 

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May 2017 - WorkSmart for higher Productivity

In today's workplace it is imperative to ensure you are being effective in your ability to plan and communicate effectively on a daily basis.

In this workshop will introduce you to the concept of Working Smart and the three distinct phases of work to ensure you are working on the right task at the right time.

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June 2017 - Creating Winning Teams

Building a winning team seems simple enough. Get great people in the boat and start rowing towards your destination. We know, however, this is much trickier than it seems.

Colin Christensen of ThinQ Ninjas demonstrates how the right people and a simple, disciplined system is the difference between success and failure, easy and hard, fun and frustrating.

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Oct 2017 - 4th Quarter Living

4th Quarter Living:

It’s the final quarter and it is time to finish strong

No more excuses. No more distractions. No more stalling. It's the final quarter. It's time to readjust, refocus, and finish strong by turning intent into reality! 

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October 2017 - Innovate or Die!

Innovate or Die, and a Revolution Auto Group case study on Cultivating Culture, two sessions that will be both interactive and entertaining as we get an inside look from the CEO's chair of this Alberta car and truck dealership group.

Lionel Robins, CEO of Revolution Auto Group, will share the lessons he has learned on his success journey and building the Revolution Auto Group.

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