Community Excellence Award

What does a winner look like?

The DEXIO Community Excellence Award is presented annually to recognize distinguished leadership service as a volunteer, or inspirational leadership in community service.

The Award Winner has made a lasting and meaningful contribution or positive impact on their community, has served as an inspiration to others through his/her service. Their actions are recognized and valued by their peers and/or community leaders. This person has clearly and consistently demonstrated qualities of compassionate service to either one group/organization, or participated in a variety of volunteer activities, for a minimum period of two years. This person has led and/or has mentored others with their example.

Following DEXIO’s underlying mission of Developing Excellence In Others, the recipient of this award will also be helping to develop at least one of life’s balance equation (personal, professional, physical).

The Award Winner’s extent of service or action might be considered above and beyond the call of duty, including possibly employing an innovative approach. This service is not part of a job description nor work duties, nor can they gain personal benefit from involvement in this service (e.g. an internship).

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