For Educators

As an educator part of your responsibility to your students is to help them understand the value of their education and ensure that their curriculum will give them the skills to pursue their goals. While we live in a society that encourages people to “Go to school, to get good grades, to get a good job”, educators are realizing that this sage advice is simply not enough. With the focus on academics, many graduates enter their independent life frustrated and confused because of what they don’t know in spite of their good grades. From the fundamentals of personal finance and understanding debt, to conflict resolution and growing from constructive criticism, the mainstream curriculum of today does not go far enough to prepare students for real life and they find themselves only book smart and struggling to find their way. Educators have a unique opportunity and a responsibility to portray the importance of soft skill development as one part of a complete education as students prepare themselves for their life ahead.


Educators who stress the importance of continuing personal and professional development leave a lasting legacy to their protégés who continue to develop long after the educator has left the picture. Continuing Education Programs (CEPs) by DEXIO help educators as they seek out the ‘curriculum’ to this important educational component. The timely and ongoing material offered through DEXIO CEPs assists the educator as they develop their students into ‘life-long learners’.

Many educators have called for character developing material for decades, recognizing the devastating effect that the absence of such creates. Many of the greatest coaches in the world today have recognized the opportunity that they have to impact the character development of their team members, and have positioned their team to succeed outside of the game just as much as they have in the game.

Being committed to self-improvement and one’s own personal and professional development takes work. By becoming part of a community of people with similar values the struggle becomes more bearable. Being part of a team builds inherent accountability as each looks to the other to contribute to the success of the whole.

As an educator and leader, we encourage you to join our community and leave a lasting legacy to those lives you touch every day.