Cost Reductions Explained

The DEXIO3600 cost reduction program is designed to reduce the costs of membership for those members who have been diligent at being fully engaged in their DEXIO3600 Forum Group.

Throughout the year, the group facilitator monitors each member on a monthly basis to ensure that they have followed the 1/3 Mentorship Model. Following this model is proven to yield the highest results for leaders, and is an integral benefit of the DEXIO3600 program.

For every month that members that are fully engaged and following the 1/3 Mentorship Model, they will receive a cost reduction in the following year. These reductions will be applied at the beginning of the year when calculating the total cost of membership for the year.

Each month that the member is fully engaged, the following reduction will be applied to the membership dues for the following year:

  • Monthly Full Day Member $200
  • Monthly Half Day Member $100
  • Quarterly Full Day Member $ 50