DEXIO360 Forums – The Differentiators

What Makes a DEXIO360 Forum Group Different Than All The Rest?

  1. The 1/3 Mentorship Model

The 1/3 Mentorship Model provides the most accelerated business and professional growth opportunity for leaders. By including this model as an integral part of our DEXIO3600 structure, we go further than teaching about it – we live it. It is about the mission of Developing Excellence In Others.

  1. Lower Fee Structure

DEXIO3600 Forum Groups are the most economical on the market. With average CEO Forums running for $1200 – $1800 per month plus an equal application fee, DEXIO3600 Forums come out ahead in every category. With a low $375 application fee and a tiered pricing structure, leaders can grow into the plan that makes the most sense for them.

  1. Flexible Schedule Options

Recognizing that dedicated member attendance is critical to the ongoing success of any mastermind group, many leaders are discouraged when they are unable to meet the time commitments and expectations of the group. DEXIO3600 Forums offer you the opportunity to choose the scheduling options that work for you and your business.

  1. Cost Reductions

While we all intend to follow through on our commitments, sometimes the easiest commitments to let slide are the ones that we make to ourselves. As an added incentive to be disciplined about the commitment to your DEXIO3600 Forum, we offer an incentive in membership fee reductions for our members who are engaged participants in all aspects of their DEXIO3600 Forum.

  1. Refreshments Included

While we recognize that the standard for most forum groups is to have each member host and supply refreshments on a rotating basis, most people today are busy enough trying to keep up with their scheduling commitments; having the added inconvenience of being responsible for refreshments and hosting the group is more than just a little burdensome.  DEXIO3600 members do not have this responsibility and can simply show up knowing that this is taken care of for them.

  1. STAR Membership

The DEXIO STAR Membership program provides access to all DEXIO public training events held throughout the year. DEXIO3600 members enjoy ALL of the benefits of a full STAR membership included as part of their DEXIO3600 enrollment.