The 1/3 Mentorship Model

The 1/3 Mentorship Model has proven to be the most effective strategy for fast growth and high achievement. DEXIO3600 incorporates this winning model as an integral component of our program.

Participants of the 1/3 Mentorship Model regularly ensure they are receiving mentorship in three different forms:

  1. Mentoring Up

Mentoring Up is when participants work one-on-one with a personal business/career and life coach. These sessions challenge the participant to consider the possibilities and be held accountable by a proven and trained coach with a demonstrated track record.

  1. Mentoring Across

Participants Mentor Across in their peer aligned mastermind group. Each group is intentionally designed to ensure everyone in the group has mutual respect for the perspectives and experiences of the other mentors. This is an iron sharpens iron approach where each member provides value to the others.

  1. Mentoring Down

While many feel that being a mentor for someone else is simply a great way to give back, participants in the 1/3 Mentorship Model recognize that mentoring others is one of the best accelerators of their own personal performance. Learning to ask the tough questions and being in a position to provide feedback, instruction, and advice to others changes the perspective of the mentor towards their own situations and enables them to achieve their own success significantly faster than others who do not take advantage of the benefits of being a mentor for others.